Web Site Design and Programming

You can have a professionally built web site for your business. With design services and computer programming by The Web Guy an optimized web site is not just possible, it’s affordable and effective. Your new site can be on line quickly—usually within a week.

Our business helps your business by promoting your brand, products, and services. And by attracting qualified leads to your web site. We specialize in creating visually appealing, easy-to-use, content-rich sites.


With a little bit of planning...

Your web site will quickly become your strongest advertising, marketing, and public relations tool—and it will expand and evolve to keep pace with your business. On line communication is the best and fastest way to answer your customers’ needs. Whether you deliver information or ship physical products, you need a web site that sells.

Challenge us to design a web site that meets your specific needs. We know we can deliver. We cover the bases—from color selection and home page graphics, to navigation, links, site layout, and e-commerce functions.


The Web Guy Services

Call on The Web Guy for these quality web services:

  • Web Site Consultation
  • Web Site Programming
  • Creative Services
  • Contact Pages/On-line Forms
  • On-line Sales Catalogs
  • Content Management Systems (CMS)
  • E-Commerce Capabilities


What are the steps in the design process

1. Planning
We start by asking the expert – you. How will the web site be used? What does the company need the site to accomplish? Will the site be used like a business card or brochure? Or will the site need to collect and process information?

During initial discussions, the general page layout will be discussed. You can identify your preferences for one, two or three column page formats, style of navigational bars, and the number and function of pages by viewing sample pages. During the planning stage, we’ll establish a balance between your budget and your requirements for the site. A Planning Proposal will be prepared based on your input.

2. Preliminary Development
After you approve the Planning Proposal, we’ll prepare a quick mock up of your web site in Photoshop. Your mock up will give you visibility of the site’s overall appearance and an opportunity to fine-tune your preferences. Details on navigation bars and the page and overall site layout will nailed down.

3. Development
You’re never out of the loop. While we’re programming your web site, you can watch your site take shape by logging onto our development server. If something about the site or a page isn’t quite as you imagined, or if text or images are missing, we can make the fix quickly. Your questions and constructive criticism are actively encouraged along the way.

As development progresses, you may determine additional features or functions are needed -- perhaps a news page that needs frequent updates or a new product page that acts as a catalog for your company. The Web Guy can handle those needs and many more. We offer popular Open Source programming solutions, such as CMS (Content Management Solutions) and eCommerce functions. We can also custom- program pages to your exact specifications.
We use PHP and MySQL to provide content to your site.

4. Posting Your Site
Once you approve your site demo on a temporary site, your new web site can be posted to its permanent address at your ISP.


What happens next?

We’re never more than an e-mail or phone call away. Your routine changes and updates will be made quickly. We never forget how important web site accuracy and timeliness is to your business.

And, when the ever-changing Internet environment opens up a new opportunity for your business, we’ll be ready to help. As your business matures and evolves, you might want more web site functionality or you may discover essential content you want to include. Or you might want to sell products on-line. All of this and more can be included in your original design or added later.

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