Static vs Dynamic Web Sites

Static site

A Static web site is the traditional website of the past. It contains a fixed amount of pages and the information is presented in a simple html (Hyper Text Mark-up Language) format. This type of site is used mostly by clients who wish to show a finite amount of information to users online. A good application would be an online version of your printed marketing literature.

The content on a static webpage will never change unless the change is applied manually and the new version is uploaded onto the Web Hosting Server. The capacity of a static page is to simply display the information it contains on the screen every time it is loaded onto a web browser.



Dynamic site

Server side Dynamic websites

One of the most common types of dynamic web pages is the database driven type (link to resource on database driven websites). In a server-side dynamic website, the server will construct an HTML page, on the fly, according to the information the user has requested to view. A good example is inventory on an online store. Once an item has been sold the information is updated on the server and when the next user creates a request, he/she will view the updated information.

Usually the server will be either a Microsoft server or LAMP server.

Microsoft server technology usually consists of ASP, .NET, and MSSQL technologies. Microsoft, being proprietary software, has added cost that must be considered when deciding the platform on which your website will run.

LAMP server technology is based on the Linux, Apache, PHP and MySQL technologies. The main advantage in using this system is that it is open source and freely available software therefore there is no added cost. LAMP servers are extremely powerful servers that are highly stable and very secure.




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